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If you wanna join the ATC Community you can join by clicking the link to the server on Discord or you can DM me on Discord at TenSkill#8663 - you deicide: The ATC Community.

Introduction and About me (TenSkill)

Hello epic gamers! My name is Nytram aka (TenSkill). I am 13 years old who is a Year 9 that attends Tamaki College. What I love to do in my spare time is to play games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Krunker & Shell Shockers. I'm also a athlete as well and train 6 days a week and put in the grind to the sport I love which is Baseball and Softball.

What are Nytram's (TenSkill's) Roles?

Nytram plays lots of sports and does trains heaps a week so that considers him as a Pro Athlete. When it comes to gaming, Nytram goes by the name of TenSkill and he is a cracked gamer in the school. Nytram is part of a gaming organization representing and founder of ATC Gaming. Nytram plans to make merch for himself and his teammates so he can have another backup business apart from Sports and Gaming.

Nytram has made a website that is related to education and he want's you to try it out. You can choose a subject by clicking on the link down below

The picture on the top left shows the logo of the best school out of all of Auckland. Also there is a link that leads you to the website as well: Tamaki College Website.

The picture on the bottom left shows the logo of the Manaiakalani Education Trust. There is also a link that leads you to the website as well: Maniakalani Website.

3 Simple Facts about Tamaki College!